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Semolina candy made with suji and sugar syrup

Suji Tukdi/Katli

Suji Tukdi or Katli is a candy made with roasted suji (semolina) that is combined with sugar syrup. Cut into diamonds, Suji Tukri are perfect little bites to sweeten up after any meal.
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian, Pakistani
Keyword Semolina, Suji Dessert
Servings 8
Author Rookie With A Cookie


Roasted Semolina

  • 1/4 cup ghee or butter
  • 1 cup fine semolina (suji)
  • 1/4 cup chopped nuts and toasted coconuts coconuts are important for the right flavor but you can use any nuts you like

Sugar Syrup

  • 2 tsp ghee or butter
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1/4 tsp rosewater
  • 1/8 tsp yellow food color powder colors are recommended


  • Melt ghee/butter in a pan and roast suji on low heat for 20 mins or until it smells nutty and turns light brown then add the nuts and turn off the stove.
  • Once Suji has roasted, in a separate saucepan, dissolve sugar in water + cardamom powder and let it come to a boil till it reaches just about a one-thread consistency (this will happen VERY quickly once the syrup comes to a boil.) Once it starts to boil, add rosewater and yellow food color. Let the syrup continue to boil for no more than 10 seconds and then pour into the suji.
  • If you are letting the suji set in the same pan, then quickly work to flatten it and smooth the top with the help of a rubber or wooden spatula. If you are using another serving tray, you will have to work VERY fast. As soon as you pour in the syrup, quickly mix it with the suji and then dump into the serving tray and flatten quickly.
  • Top with more nuts and press gently. The suji will have already firmed up. If its still a bit wet, don't worry. It will set in the next 20 mins. Score the suji all the way through by running perpendicular lines in the shape of diamonds.
  • Once fully set, slice a spatula under them and separate the Suji Tukdi very gently.


  • I find that for Suji Tukdi, a wooden spatula is best but you can also use a silicone spatula.
  • Make sure you DO NOT boil the syrup for too long because a thicker syrup will harden the tukdiyaan and make them tougher to bite into. Of course if you want a crunchy candy, then by all means you can boil the syrup up to two-thread consistency which would be more or less the soft to hard ball stage.