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Instant Pot Kheer | Hassle-Free Pakistani/Indian Rice Pudding

Kheer is a rich creamy rice pudding popular in Pakistan and India. It’s made with…

Sheer Khurma with Dates and Dry Fruits

Sheera Khurma is the quintessential dessert enjoyed on the morning of the religious festival Eid-uk-Fitr…

Instant Pot Chicken Karahi Special

Chicken Karahi or Kadai is a delicious spicy curry popular in Pakistan and India. It’s…

Eggless Kalonji and Zeera Almond Shortbread

These Kalonji and Zeera/Jeera biscuits are the perfect shortbread classic cookies that are super popular…

Garlic Herb Lemon Butter Roast Chicken

Oh boy! This Roast Chicken is everything you need for your soups, sandwiches like my…

10-min Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar

This is my 10-minutes, ALMOST no bake chocolate peanut butter bars. And the best part?…

Panera Bread Copycat Chicken Avocado Melt Sandwich

This is the literal copycat recipe of Panera Bread’s Chicken Avocado Melt sandwich! Just LOOK…

Instant pot Masoor Daal

Daal Chawal is comfort food at best. It’s cheap, filling and and full of good…

Welcome to my Food Blog!

I’m Izza, the Rookie behind and in front of the camera. Here, you will find all the delicious recipes I’m whipping up in my cozy apartment in downtown Seattle while juggling my 9-5 in tech.

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