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2-min Cardamom Latte! No Whisk Needed

This is my glorious invention that came out of my work from home routine during…

Achari Chicken – Pakistani Chicken Curry with Pickling Spices

  Achari Chicken. The name of the dish gives the flavors away. It’s spicy, zesty…

Bhindi Fry Masala Recipe (Spiced Okra/Ladyfinger)

This bhindi fry masala recipe is the easiest thing you will make! In different regions,…

SPAGHETTI AGLIO E OLIO | Garlic and Olive Oil Pasta | Favorite Italian Pasta Recipe

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is one mysterious pasta! With barely any ingredients: olive oil, garlic,…

My Special Chicken Karahi

Presenting my authentic restaurant quality Chicken Karahi! This is different from my first Karahi recipe…

SIMPLE Chicken and Basil Stir Fry for Busy Weeknights

  This stir-fry recipe will really come in clutch during those busy weeknights! I keep…

Paratha, How to Make Plain Whole Wheat Flaky Lachha Paratha

Paratha is the ultimate breakfast pairing with eggs in most Pakistani and Indian homes. Mine…

Make Chicken Dum Biryani with HOMEMADE Biryani Spice Mix

Biryani is one of those sub-continental dishes whose complex flavors and aroma almost convince you…

Welcome to my Food Blog!

I’m Izza, the Rookie behind and in front of the camera. Here, you will find all the delicious recipes I’m whipping up in my cozy apartment in downtown Seattle while juggling my 9-5 in tech.

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