Roasted Chicken and Kale Mac and Cheese

This Mac and Cheese skillet will make you sing!Chicken and Kale Mac and Cheese

I bought this cast iron skillet for this mac and cheese. If I buy any kitchenware with a purpose, you know this is serious business. Mac and cheese in a skillet is the only way I shall ever make mac and cheese again. Now let’s see how many times I say mac and cheese in this post.


I admit that I’m not a huge fan of mac and cheese. But mac and cheese is great. It sees you through dreary college days and caffeinated nights during finals week. But now that I’m not cramming in last-minute studying with my tabletop buried under notes that are all but illegible, I can eat mac and cheese that I would actually step into the kitchen to make. From scratch, with cheese that I will grate myself. Because there is nothing like freshly grated cheese I’m tellin ya. Continue reading “Roasted Chicken and Kale Mac and Cheese”