Homemade Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Tis the season…. for PUMPKINS! Holy Guacamole. Excuse me but these are the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had and made. Because it’s pumpkin season AND because I have never made a pumpkin recipe, I had to make these. Everything from the soft dough, to the caramelized filling, to the candied pecans to the cream cheese topping is beyond perfect! I specially love the addition of the candied pecans in this. It adds a delicious crunch to the whole affair.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

I took two-day old rolls to work for some coworkers to try and in the words of one “mother eff.” Hey he said that, not me. So get on with it! Making them in a skillet is even better because the caramelized filling runs at the bottom of the pan and sticks like glue. So basically once you’re done eating the rolls, you’ll be scraping the gooey filling off the skillet. I licked it clean. Yep.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

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Best Ever Chocolate Cream Pie

A lot of the foods that I have lately started to make have been inspired by the restaurants I visit. And why not? Isn’t it the best when you recreate something you had at a restaurant at home and make it even better?

Chocolate Cream Pie

I have had chocolate cream pie quite a few times, but all were, for lack of a better word, forgettable. None have stood out until I indulged in this one at a gastropub in Pasadena. The flavors were so complex and not typical of a chocolate cream pie by any means. So when I sought out to replicate the dessert at home, I went with my own taste and gut feeling. And I am totally bragging here but this is every bit as delicious as the one I had, if not more. The chocolate custard is mildly sweet and rich and definitely the star of the pie that I make using a graham cracker crust. The whipped cream is not optional. It is a must! It adds a cool, sweet, fluffy touch to the whole affair, so definitely do not skip out or skimp on it. You will absolutely love this!

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Homemade Pop-Tarts 3 Flavors


There are so many things I appreciate about homemade baked goods. An all-butter crust is definitely one of them. A crust that does not smell of butter is just disappointing. In short, store-bought Pop-Tarts make me sad. So naturally when I made Pop-Tarts at home, I was drooling over the whole shebang: the buttery crust, the amazing fillings, the glaze, all of it.

These homemade Pop-Tarts only takes extra time if you make the blueberry sauce from scratch like I do but you can totally use store-bought blueberry preserves or not use blueberry filling at all. Just pick your favorite and stick with it. I love a fruity option even though cinnamon-brown sugar Pop-Tart is my favorite. Nutella for my brother! I hope you try them and obsess over how amazing they smell too!

Homemade Pop-Tarts

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Churro Ice cream Sandwich

IMG_4486You know sometimes you make those desserts that you promise you will only take a bite off of but end up scarfing down? Yep this churro ice cream sandwich is it! But then again it is coated in cinnamon sugar. It is loaded with a healthy scoop of salted caramel truffle ice cream. It is so visually exciting. What can you do? It’s you against this glorious thing in front of you.

If you’re more into visuals, check out how I make this!

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Easiest Panna Cotta + Strawberry Sauce

Panna Cotta

Ah I love Panna Cotta! It’s one of those desserts that requires no effort whatsoever but is oh-so-fancy. Desserts made with cream and milk are very popular in my neck of the woods. So when I had my parents try the Italian Panna Cotta, they naturally loved it because the mildly sweet and dairy flavor is right on the tip of their tongue. It’s basically sweetened cream that is set with gelatin. That’s it. No fancy ingredients or techniques. It’s literally easier than making doodhpatti (Pakistani milk tea), and although I make a killer cup of chai, it’s quite frankly and frequently a messy affair that ends with me dabbing kitchen towel on the steamed milk that just inevitably overflows! Ok, maybe I need to glue myself to the stove and not float around my apartment when the milk is on the hob…Panna Cotta

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Chocolate Coconut Oat Bread

Healthy Bread

I’m a sucker for having something sweet with my tea. It always ends up being either a pound cake, banana bread and now this quick bread. For some reason, denser breads just go perfectly with tea. I wanted to make a quick bread that was a tad healthier. This one is chock full of fiber and loaded with almonds, chocolate chips and my favorite add-in: toasted coconut flakes. Can we talk about how amazing toasted coconut smells?! Sometimes I stick a pan strewn with coconut flakes under the broiler for a minute or two to perfume my apartment with the most tropical scent. Yep I’ve done that, and nope I’m not embarrassed.

This bread, like my banana bread is really easy to plop in the pan and a perfect treat for those blue-inducing mornings spent glued to a swivel chair behind a computer screen.

Healthy Oat Bread

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Best Lemon Bars with Almond Crust

Lemon bars with Almond CrustThe weather in LA is pretty bipolar. Even in the summer, you never really know when you’ll need your sweater. But for the most part, the sun has begun to shine and bathe the city in bright summer colors. So it just made perfect sense to make lemon bars. I cannot even begin to run through all the flavors without getting serious craving for these. These are not your regular lemon bars. I’m a sucker for adding nuts in my desserts. So instead of making a traditional lemon bar with a plain shortbread crust, I mixed in some pulsed almonds. The flavor profile just gets really ridiculous from there. You sink your teeth into the most deliciously creamy and zesty curd and then bite into a tender, yet crisp crust. And you know how the sweet tang of lemon makes you smack your lips?  It’s that lip-smacking good!  I hope you give this a try! I don’t even think I can make regular lemon bars anymore.

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Apple Crumble Cups

Apple Crumble
Nothing brings me greater joy than baking with apples. The aroma of sweet and zesty cinnamon-scented apples baking in the oven is so exciting. The inspiration for these cute cups came to me as I was staring at a bunch of apples sitting in my fruit basket. You are probably wondering why the extra effort. It is just such a fun way to serve apple crumble, how could you not? It’s similar to a soup served in a bread bowl. Although I definitely don’t think you’ll be able to eat the apple cups after you’re done with the apple crumble. It would be a bit of a struggle because the cups are not baked (that would be gross). My sister doesn’t even like apple crumble but she loved these.
 Apple Crumble

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